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Views and issues

My Background

As we are down to the last few weeks before the primary, it is time to restate our intentions, summarize the positions that we have covered, and provide some personal background before the last important votes are cast ...

Why am I running for Senate?

 I am running for office as an independent populist Republican who is fiscally conservative and moderate on social issues. I am seeking office because I deeply care about our country's future. In this race I want to represent the silent majority of ...

Biggest Issues

 The biggest issue facing our country today is our economy and continued recovery from recession.  Though our unemployment levels have officially become much lower, real unemployment is still fairly high and work participation rates ...

Balancing the Budget

 I believe the biggest issue facing America's future today is the ballooning budget deficit crisis caused by Washington's irresponsible spending.  What makes this particular issue a real bear, pardon the pun, is that many people turn a blind eye ...

Other Issues

We need to govern this country according to our Constitution, its powers, and laws, rules and regulations originating from it. The abuses of these powers should be condemned.  We need to fight for transparency and privacy, protection of our ...

My Sunday Sermon

 We are enjoying another sunny, beautiful day and happy Sunday in the Northwest today. People go to the churches, picnics, parades and water and music festivals; children play baseball, soccer and football and run around and enjoy their innocence ...

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