My Sunday Sermon

  •  We are enjoying another sunny, beautiful day and happy Sunday in the Northwest today.
  • People go to the churches, picnics, parades and water and music festivals; children play baseball, soccer and football and run around and enjoy their innocence and youthfulness. Boeing planes in green metallic colors start and land and fly over our neighborhoods showing their might and beauty. Other people go to the cemeteries to remember our fallen heroes and our past generations, the generations of hard working and honest patriots; the generations that have built this country what it is right now: the greatest human experiment in the World’s history; the eighth wonder of the World. The country that has achieved unparalleled freedoms, equality, and liberties for all and the country that has brought up millions of heroes that have been willing to serve and die for its freedoms and for the freedoms of others, as well. The country of great patriots. The country of Americans.
  • I spent this morning watching Sunday morning TV talk shows spewing Goebbels-like depressive and arrogant propaganda from around the World. The propaganda of the Republican and Democrat parties, the propaganda of the trigger-happy Israelis, Palestinians, Taliban, Al-Qaeda and the Russian rebels, the propaganda of the White House and three presidents from the Central American countries asking us, the US taxpayers, to take care of their children, the children discarded and cut loose by the parents to endure the current hardship but to their future benefit. I watched Hillary arguing her inherited right and making her case for the future presidency and explaining her billion-dollar travels, gesticulating like Obama, and repeatedly using me, myself, and I words. There are many people, organizations and entities around the country who have already invested in this persona and their future profits are vested with her.
    So, there were many talking heads on the TV morning shows advocating for a verity of special interests that they represent but, and not surprisingly, the one, but the most important, advocate was missing from the equation there, the advocate for the American people.
  • Still, there is hope for all of us and this country. People are waking up to the notion of being represented by the fat-cat country club millionaires selected by their peers to represent the billionaires’ interests. The old system has not been too productive and we need to start working on changing and improving it. Presidents and congressmen come and go, like daisies in my garden, and they do not address our problems. They just kick the can down the road and use our children’s and grandchildren’s money to their own current benefits. They do not pay proper taxes and hide behind elected by them self-absorbed dudes to keep the current status quo.
  • We need to start working together and do what’s the best for this country, not what’s the best for the political parties, elites, and the special interests they represent. Honesty, honor, integrity, patriotism; do what’s right for the country not what’s good to you and your party – should be their motto, but apparently it is not. Where are the patriots? Nobody was howling.
  • So help us God and have a blessed the rest of the so beautiful day and many, many more.