Why am I running for Senate?


  • I am running for office as an independent populist Republican who is fiscally conservative and moderate on social issues. I am seeking office because I deeply care about our country's future. In this race I want to represent the silent majority of people who feel their voices are not being heard by the establishment on both sides; people whose personal liberties, constitutional rights, and individual freedoms are under attack.
  • I am not running to promise anything free of charge like most politicians would do because I do not consider myself to be one of them but one of you. I am one of the millions of hard working patriots who sincerely care about our country and its people - people who tend to their children, homes, farms, and environment.  I am a citizen who realizes that money does not grow on trees but is earned through hard work and sweat equity.
  • I will go in the opposite direction and work on reducing unnecessary free goods and services that are currently provided by the Federal Government. Instead, we are going to foster a better, healthier, and more prosperous country for ourselves and our children by working on the local and community levels.
  • I would like to work towards restoring America's trust in our government. The government needs to serve its citizens, be accountable to them and obey our laws, rules, and regulations. Promises which have been made to our people need to be kept, and the lies and abuses need to be investigated and exposed. 
  • We need to restore fiscal sanity to our budgets, balance them, and work on lowering our national debt.  We should also work on providing a better and more secure future for our next generations, including first-class education.  Our borders need to be secured, and our immigration policies need to be re-worked to benefit the citizens of United States.  We need to work on restoring the manufacturing base of our country, supporting free enterprise and farming, and securing our energy independence from the outside world.  We also need to work to end corruption, crony capitalism, corporate welfare, and renegotiate foreign trade agreements. 
  • The real unemployment level has remained consistently high and we can remedy it by fostering and encouraging free market enterprise, including small business and agriculture where most of the new jobs are created. Wages have remained stagnant and household incomes are still lower than they were eight years ago. There is an oversupply of labor on the market which keeps wages suppressed. One simple solution could be cutting our immigration levels by half and deporting more undocumented workers. There are many well educated and willing Americans who deserve the opportunity to make a living in their own country.
  • Other solutions include keeping taxes low and investing in infrastructure; full ObamaCare implementation should be either postponed or scrapped altogether. We should also regulate and restrict the influence of the Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, and big banks on our economic system, and reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act


  • I am running for office as a fiscally conservative populist Republican who is moderate on social issues.  My goal is to work towards restoring America’s trust in our government.  Our government needs to serve its people, be accountable to them, preserve the states’ rights, and obey our laws and regulations.  Our constitutional republic was not established as a monarchy and we cannot continue to operate as one.  The government should be working on behalf of the people and not just for special interests.  Promises which have been made need to be kept; and corruption, lies, abuses, and crimes need to be investigated and exposed.
  • We should work on providing a better future, including world-class education, for our next generations.  Our borders need to be secured and our immigration policies need to be reworked to benefit United States citizens.  We need to work on restoring the manufacturing base in our country, balancing the budgets and foreign trade deficits, supporting free enterprise, small business, and farming. We need to secure our energy independence from the outside world and work on ending crony capitalism and corporate welfare.  We should negotiate better and smarter foreign trade agreements in line with our economic needs.  I also support stronger regulation, auditing, and review of the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, and the banking system.